• Show Your Jewelry Some Love

    With these tips and the right gear in hand, getting your jewelry back to sparkling is pretty easy! Treat it like the work of art it is by wearing it proudly AND taking care of it after you take it off. Jewelry will look great for a lifetime if you follow these simple steps.
  • Picking A Lane

    Jewelry has the power to communicate ideas, represent beliefs, speak poetically, yell politically, and represent the status we assign to ourselves thereby negating the one constructed for us. It's talismanic quality isn't just about bringing good fortune or warding off evil. Jewelry has its own kind of magic that can make you feel powerful, stand taller, speak volumes without saying a word. There isn't a time like now to get in touch with those powerful feelings.

  • Big Changes

    "How much of human life is lost in waiting." — Ralph Waldo Emerson Navigating the changing landscape of life during the Coronavirus is something ...