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Holiday Gift Guide for Shopping Small

A great part of being an artist and running a small business is the community of like-minded artisans and product designers I have the pleasure of meeting and showing with. This holiday, I want to share some of my favorite artists and brands who proudly create high quality work and some of the coolest designs around. Shop this list and proudly put your money behind individuals who choose to use their creative skills to share with the world and make it a better and more beautiful place. 

SALT CELLARS by Morgan Gilbreath

Available in a variety of colors and great as a salt cellar, catch tray, or a jewelry dish. Made in Richmond, VA.




If someone owns jewelry, I bet they need a better organization system. Shop any of these small batch, sustainable homewares made in Pittsburgh, PA.



SOL HOOPS by Lindsey Snell

These hoops are playful, lightweight, and designed to add a bit of art to any outfit. Made in Portland, OR.


CHECKERED POUCH by Primecut Bags

A perfect addition to any travel bag and sustainably made in Portland OR from agricultural seconds and deadstock material



SNAIL WORLD BOOK by Aleia Murawski and Sam Copeland

The melodrama of real life depicted in meticulously constructed miniatures by the artists. Humorous, joyful, and a book you didn’t know you needed.




BAGEL CHILI CRUNCH by the Flavor Society 

A crunchy, crispy, mild take on chili crisp. Beware, this is addictive! Made in Portland, OR.


DRIPPY CUP by Drippy Pots / Brian Giniewski 

No two are the same and each one is a delight. Handmade in Philadelphia, PA.


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